2 Culture Christmas

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In the twenty first century the world is full of families who combine 2, or more, cultural backgrounds. This section of the site has posts on our Christmas season, showing how we go about combining traditions.

Posts on Christmas Markets, Nikolaus and the 6th December tradition, 24th versus 25th of December as “main” gift giving days, Christkind versus Father Christmas, food and recipes, and more to come very soon!


About alieninbavaria

A Brit permanently resident in 1950... otherwise known as rural Bavaria, in the south of Germany, with my Bavarian husband and 3 half Bavarian kids. Sometimes I feel like an alien, but it can be a good thing, and I'm gradually becoming less bemused! I'll use this blog to share all kinds of musings, from the school system to recipes and places to go, and some tips for navigating life in the wilds of Bavaria for those who, like me, feel a bit like resident aliens some of the time!
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