2 Culture Christmas

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In the twenty first century the world is full of families who combine 2, or more, cultural backgrounds. This section of the site has posts on our Christmas season, showing how we go about combining traditions.

Posts on Christmas Markets, Nikolaus and the 6th December tradition, 24th versus 25th of December as “main” gift giving days, Christkind versus Father Christmas, food and recipes, and more to come very soon!

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What is a Schultüte?

2014-09-15 21.16.01Every German child is given a Schultüte on their first day at primary school find out here what they are, where to get one, and what to put inside.

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How to start primary school in Bavaria

2014-09-16 07.20.52

This is the “how it works” entry – I’ll be posting a more personal account of the mini-aliens’ first days at school soon!

Read the key facts, a bit more background, and find a list of key terms you’ll need to know (in German) here


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Cooking with Kids – fresh home made pasta

2014-11-08 18.43.19

The mini half-Bavarian aliens love to cook … here’s how we made fresh pasta with our new pasta machine.

Read the recipe and see the photos here


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